Items in Momodora III are separated into 3 categories. Three items may be equipped at any given time - however, in New Game +, this is increased to four. Every consecutive New Game + further increases the number of equippable items by 1. All items carry over into the new game, except for key items and the Slice of Shellfruit.

Consumable Items Edit

Item Name Description Effect Info Obtainable
Fairy Bottle Heals you when you are low on health. The Fairy Bottle will automatically activate upon reaching 1 or lower health. A small fairy will appear and heal you completely. A fairy in a bottle. At the beginning of the game before crossing the bridge there will be a tiny cave with a spider in it. The first Fairy Bottle is located in there.

Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl.

- Old Madryn: 50 munnies

- Dim Hideout: 55 munnies

Passive Items Edit

Item Name Description Effect Info Obtainable
Dream Ring Double defense and more invincibility time. Like the effect text states, the ring will increase your defense, effective halving any damage you take and will increase the invincibility frames after being hit. A fabled ring. Its engraving, however, was ruined by the work of time. This item is acquired by starting the game with either character in easy mode.
Speed Ring Faster walking, but take twice as much damage from enemies. Pretty self-explanatory, since the effect text states what it does. Keep in mind that the speed ring allows you to jump further because of the increased momentum. A ring cursed by ancient magic. The Lethargic Monk, a sluggish man, created this ring to ease his travels. Can be found at the elevator in the Ishlith Shrine area. At the elevator run to the right side of the screen and jump upon the pillar. There are three invisible platforms, which allow you to get into the stone wall over the elevator. Inside the stone wall, press up to obtain the item.
Marine's Symbol Replaces your charge attack with a special move. Replaces the paper seal charge move with a hadouken style fire ball. The fire ball has no maximum range and can therefore be used to clear platforms of enemies. Emblem of the Knights of Cashias. Upon losing their leader, they were set to wander across new lands. In the Dim Hideout, instead of going up to the Arabella Sisters boss fight, go left past the mimic. A red-haired girl, one of Cashias's knights, is guarding a passage. Defeat her and go through the door; the item is in that room.
Money Bomb Money explodes, damaging nearby enemies. Whenever money drops, it will explode almost instantly, damaging enemies. The explosions can't hurt the character. No ingame description. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Belltower Garden for 90 munnies.
Love Letter Heals you whenever an enemy dies. This item heals you for a quarter of health every time you kill an enemy. The ghost created by the Summon Stone also heals you for this amount. No ingame description. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Old Madryn for 250 munnies.
Golden Flower Enemies drop twice as much money. Doubles the money from enemies. Good item in combination with the Star Magnet. No ingame description. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Belltower Garden for 200 munnies.
Bomb Spell Makes your paper seals explode. While this item is equipped, the Paper Seals that are thrown as a charge attack will explode upon hitting an enemy or flying the maximum range. They, however, do not explode on contact with a wall, since the seals ignore walls and fly right through them. No ingame description. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Belltower Garden for 100 munnies or from the Bakman shopkeeper for 130 munnies.
Star Magnet Strongly attracts money. Whenever money is dropped, it will be dragged to your characters position after a brief moment. No ingame description. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Old Madryn for 100 munnies.
Edea's Statuette Leaves a trail of poison in your charge attack. As stated, the item will leave a poison trail whenever a charged attack is used. Edea's Statuette can be combined with Marine's Symbol to increase the length of the poison trail.

Fully charged attacks will create three trails of poison.

Edea sinned by betraying the Centipede Queen, and attempting to murder her. Even so, she gained a following, carriers of this statuette. In Belltower Garden, a secret passage can be found to the left of the save bell near the middle of the level. A moderately difficult platforming segment must be completed to obtain it.
Ceremonial Fabric Attack +400% when low in health. This item triggers whenever you reach 2 hearts or less. Your attacks will deal quintuple the damage. Items like Summon Stone will also be amplified by this bonus. Simple fabric used by Kahonese priestesses in their monthly rituals. Obtainable from the Bunny Shop Girl in Dim Hideout for 400 munnies.
Summon Stone Calls a helper ghost. A ghost double of your character will follow you as long as the item is equipped. The doubleganger can attack, is highly aggresive in its behavior and, while being indestructible, can be hit for damage which will eventually make it pause for a while. No ingame description. Located left of the stating point in Old Madryn through the hidden passage in the wall next to the hot spring.

Can be bought from the bunny girl.

Slice of Shellfruit Power-ups your Magic Leaf. This item will add a damage bonus to your attacks. The legendary fruit said to be the cause of flourishment in the land of KaHo. Its mysterious power is able to create anything, even life. Given as a gift from Kaho after defeating Haegok in the Distortion in Time.

Key Items Edit

Item Name Description Info Obtainable
Fish Key No effect when equipped. Opens door to Old Madryn. Madryn was once the pristine capital of a fish tribe. Now, only Spirits roam through its streets. Found in the Shrine Room in the Ishlith Shrine area.
Owl Badge No effect when equipped. Poetelia, due to her efforts, was granted this badge by the Centipede queen herself. Obtained from Poetelia in Belltower Garden after the boss fight against her.
Karstian Seed No effect when equipped. In the arid land of Karst, few are the locations where these seeds are able to grow. A very rare breed, it is capable of distorting time, leading to unknown destinies. Obtained by trading the Owl Badge with it with Melilot.