Momodora I Edit

The Love Letter is a collectable item in Momodora I.

Like the other collectable items, the Love Letter itself does nothing. It's sole purpose is to be collected.

The Love Letter can be found in Area 7, when following the normal path to progress the game. It is in the third room of Area 7, near the exit of that room in the upper-right corner. You can already see it from afar, so its rather hard to miss.

Momodora II Edit

The Love Letter is an item in Momodora II.

Obtaining a Love Letter will permanently increase your maximum health by one heart.

Momodora III Edit

The Love Letter is a passive item found in Momodora III.

This item will heal you for a quarter of health everytime an enemy is killed. Edea's Statuettes poison effect and Summon Stone ghosts also count for the healing.