Haegok is an additional boss that appears in the Distortion in Time in Momodora III.

Upon arriving in the Distortion in Time, you will be noticed by Kaho. She talks to you about the companions she has lost and asks you for help against the monster that destroys her hometown.

Upon entering the next screen, the monster named Haegok will manifest. Kaho tries her best to help you during the fight, shooting arrows at Haegok. She works similar to the ghost that appears when equipping the Summon Stone, but obviously keeps a certain range to the enemy. She is also able to take damage; however, she cannot be defeated. Instead, like the Summon Stone ghost, she will take a break and continue fighting after a short while.

Haegok himself has three attacks. He will normally start spawning a cluster of pink clouds, which will slowly travel towards your position. While this attack is rather vast, it is slow and easily dodgeable.

The second attack will load the orb in his chest. After charging for a brief moment, he will fire a laser at your position. Whenever Haegok uses this move, wait while he's charging and then, shortly before he fires, move backwards to avoid it.

The last attack is only used scarcely, but is deadly if it connects. Haegok will pause for a short while if he's attacked in melee range and then causes explosion around his body. Because of the fact that he uses this move so rarely, it is rather hard to predict. If you don't want to gamble, stay out of his range; he will probably use the other two moves.

After defeating Haegok, Kaho will ponder over his creation and asks herself, if it was caused by the faith in the gods. She will then turn to you and advice you to leave the area, as you don't seem to belong there. She also thanks you for your help and gifts you the Slice of Shellfruit.

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