Bakman are recurring enemies in the Momodora series. They exist since the first Momodora game.

Momodora I Edit

Momodora II Edit

Momodora III Edit

Lesser Bakrog
Bakmen are among the first enemies you can encounter in Momodora III. They can be found in the Ishlith Shrine and in Artemisia's Grave. They work similar to Hammer Brothers from Super Mario, since they are throwing projectiles in an arch. However, Bakmen throw bigger projectiles in form of BAKs and they have long pauses between each throw.
Lesser Bakrog Projectile

BAK thrown as a projectile.

Bakmen have a dead angle in front of them when throwing, giving the player the opportunity to jump in front of them and land a hit.

Later in the game, you can encounter Bakmen, who throw bombs instead of BAKs. These enemies are highly dangerous as they will kill you on almost every difficulty if they hit. Avoid the explosion at every cost and try to hit these Bakmen with your charge attack to ensure safe passage.