Archpriestess Choir

Archpriestess Choir is a NPC, and, if done correctly, a boss in Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.

Choir can be fought after giving her the Soft Tissue. Once you've given it to her the door to her boss room will open.

Archpriestess Choir fights using only magic. During her first phase, she levitates just above the ground and uses an assortment of ranged and area of effect attacks. She knows absolutely no melee attacks and can not harm you until her shield is back up or she's allowed to cast again.

Her attacks are as follows:

  • She can spawn four projectiles, which will align around her in the shape of a square. After a brief moment, the four spheres will swiftly hover towards the position of the player. This flight has a relatively short maximum range, so backing up when she uses this spell should leave you harmfree.
  • She can cast a shield around her. The shield consists of many, flower-like orbs that will block any form of range attack you throw her way. The shield is not only defensive, but will damage you, if you try to tumble into it.
  • She will drop the shield for her next attack, a long, spiral-formed line of projectiles. There are gaps in the lines though, and with the right timing, you can even dodge through the spiral towards Choir.
  • After dropping to half of her health, she begins charging. Upon completion, she will shoot a circle of small, slow-moving projectiles that grows wider over time. Keep a good amount of space between you and her, and it should be possible to dodge through a gap in the circle.
  • She will also start spawning small projectiles, that track the location of the character when they spawn and shoot down to the ground after a brief moment.
  • In addition to all that, she uses some sort of an energy rain, which makes a stream of projectiles fall down upon the characters location when spawned.

Upon losing about 80% of her health as damage, she will no longer levitate, but instead be crouching on the floor, praying for forgiveness saying: "Lord Esselin, have mercy on me..." , while the spells continue to appear normally.

When she is defeated,  will be full of frustration for not fulfilling her mission, in her last moments she will hit the ground several times with her fist until her body explode magically. If you beat her without getting hit she will drop Bloodstained Tissue.

After defeating her you'll receive an achievement named Faithful in Steam.

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