Arabella Sisters

The Arabella Sisters (Alka and Polka) are the area bosses of the Dim Hideout and the third boss of Momodora III.

Both sisters will appear at the start of the fight, but they afterwards take turns appearing while throwing spells at you.

Both magicians know two spells each and after they both used all their spells, they will start the cycle again.

The white magician knows uses the following moves:

  • A polymorph spell, which will appear over her head and then travels to your character's position in a straight line. Upon hitting you, the spell will deal some damage and you will be transformed into a rabbit for a few seconds.
  • An explosion spell. A white orb will appear on screen and explodes after a few seconds.

The black magician knows the following spells:

  • She can summon two projectiles, which will travel slowly towards your position. They are affected by gravity and will therefore slowly bounce in your direction.
  • A purple light pillar in which skulls will appear. The spell does damage if you stand in it when the skulls appear.

If you cause enough damage to kill one of them, the other will get buffed spells.

  • The polymorph spell has a bigger hitbox.
  • Three orbs will appear and explode instead of one.
  • The two projectiles will be replaced by two projectile clusters.
  • Instead of spawning one pillar, three pillars will appear on screen.

Once you got the hang of their moves, they can be easily predicted and with some dodging, you will be able to claim victory.

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